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Why EV?

The quietest getaway vehicle.

Lesser Maintenance or Running Cost

Electrical Vehicles (EVs) have far fewer moving parts compared to conventional Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles, which means lesser things can break and require replacement over time.  EVs also tend to last longer due to lower wear and tear and not requiring oil changes which is the most common service for conventional vehicles. 

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Quiet Cabin and Instant Torque

You have to experience it, to understand it.  Electric cars drive like a dream, people are confessing their love for putting the pedal to the metal in an electrical vehicle.  As soon as you accelerate, you are at full power.  The battery allows a lower centre of gravity which means better handling around corners. 

Increase ROI of Solar System

If your property is solar powered by Suncatcher, you can payback for your solar system even quicker by charging up your EV at site.  Pairing the two allows you to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 


Enjoy Great Incentives

Did you know - Electrical Vehicles are completely exempted from import duty, excise duty and road tax which means you get a lot more "car" for the same price you would pay for a conventional Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle.  Be sure to capitalize on these benefits while you still can!

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