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Why Solar?

The real question should be, why not. 

Pay 90% less of Your Current Monthly Electrical Bill

Always anxious when you receive your electricity bill? Become worry-free when you install a solar system with Suncatcher. The savings from your electricity bill can effortlessly pay off your solar system. If you can afford to pay your electricity bills, you can afford solar. It's that simple.

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Increase Your Property Value and Curb Appeal

Research has shown that solar-powered properties are valued at least 3.5% more than comparable properties with no solar panels. For a RM 1mil property, that's RM 35,000. This is a great investment that could offset your solar installation cost.

Shorter Payback Period

Speak to us to learn more about our referral program that allows you to shorten the payback period for your solar investment. Shorter payback period = more money in your pocket!

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Save Our Children's Planet

Installing a solar system is a win-win situation. We can be care-free in our electricity consumption while protecting the plant by using clean renewable energy. Let's help Mother Nature recover and leave behind a better world for our children.


Let us walk you through step-by-step, our friendly advisors at Suncatcher Malaysia can converse in English, 中文 and Bahasa Melayu. 

No obligations! 

Send us a message and we'll respond within 24 hours. 

Thank you for your message.  Speak soon!

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